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I am sorry to report that my father, Tad Evans, died June 23, 2018. His family misses him more then I can say, but his death will also be a great loss to the genealogy community in Georgia. I do not foresee reprinting his books with hard covers, so the book inventories that are listed on the website are all there will be. I am considering printing the out-of-print books on demand, but they will have soft covers. I will put a notice on the website if soft covers become available. 
Elizabeth Evans Kilbourne

Explore YOUR GENEALOGY and GEORGIA'S REAL PAST, extracted from Georgia newspapers and other sources. These are excellent research books and make great reading. Contained in these books are newspaper abstracts that can help trace your lineage or give simple pleasure by transporting you to a bygone day. Civil War News - Heroes and Villains - Slave Trading - Lynchings - Deaths -Marriages - Legal Notices - Fraternal Lists - Jury Lists - Elections - all of which are indexed by name. Newspaper clippings books:  All books are hard cover, 8 1/2 X 11 inches and color matched by county.



To be sold, a very fine island, situated on a navigable creek between Whitmarsh Island and Augstine's Creek near Half-Moon Bluff, consisting of 334 acres of good indigo and corn land. (Signed) William Gibbons.

The subscriber intending to remove to Philadelphia has to sell two lots very pleasantly situated in the town of Savannah including a dwelling house and kitchen, store for dry goods and a counting room with fireplace, stable and chairhouse, well of good water in the yard, a wharf 140 feet front and 100 in depth, a crane house on each end, two pits. Also, a tract of land 12 miles from town and two from the river Savannah containing 200 acres of rice and 400 acres of very good pine. Another tract six miles from town and two from the river Savannah containing 450 acres. Likewise, a tract on the Ogeechee River, has a fine bluff, contains 250 acres nearly divided between rice swamp and high land. (Signed) Joseph Wood.

The high bred English horse Valiant will cover mares this season at my plantation near Savannah. Good care will be taken of all the mares that shall be sent. (Signed) William Smith.

By an inquest taken the 29th day of this instant March, on view of the body of one Alexander Crawford, found dead at the plantation of John Milledge, Esquire, on Little Ogeechee, the verdict of the jury was that the said Crawford was stabbed and murdered by a negro fellow named Scipio, the property of the said Mr. Milledge, which said negro has made his escape. A reward of five pounds sterling will be given by the owner of the said negro to any person who shall apprehend the said negro alive and deliver him to the keeper of the gaol in Savannah. In case he cannot be taken alive, thirty shillings sterling to any person who shall produce his head to one of the justices of the peace for the parish of Christ-Church. The said negro is a middle sized fellow, has his country mark on his left arm and breast. He is well known at the plantations about Little Ogeechee.


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